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Sports Photography – A Beginners’ Guide

Shooting action shots is a critical skill for any photographer, whether you’re looking into action sports photography, youth sports photography, shooting your kids’ games or just want to be able to capture those exciting fast paced moments in life. We aren’t all trying to be a photographer for the NFL but some basic skill breakdown will make the difference between blurry pictures of your son’s first home run hit and crisp clear images really showing the essence of the moment. Composition For any shot composition is the key differentiator between a good shot and a great shot. Pay attention to the rule of thirds, the background and try not to cut off too many limbs in the shot. For sports photography, the most important thing to pay attention to is your positioning. The closer you can get the better. Instead of trying to shoot from the stands, walk down to the side of the field. Also try to be weary of where you need to be to get the best shots. For soccer for instance, being closer to one of the field ends will allow you to get a lot of great shots as they close in on the net but you’ll trade off a lot off a lot of action shots at the far end of the field and mid field. Try to stick to the middle field...

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How To Land Photography Jobs

How To Become A Photographer And Land Photography Jobs Whether you are looking for travel photography jobs, wildlife photography jobs or just trying to land a gig shooting the neighbor’s kid’s bar mitzvah, the photography market is competitive and you need to stand out. Know Your Equipment And Know How To Use It Whether you’re picking up a camera for the first time or having shooting as a hobby for a few years, you’ll have to make sure you know your equipment and know how to get the shot you’re looking for. Get out of auto and know the exposure triangle (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture) and know how altering one or the other will affect your shot. Master composition. Know how to make a boring shot more interesting and draw the eye to exactly where you want it. At the end of this article are a few resources you can check out to become a master.   Discover Your Shooting Passion- Find A Niche You can try and be a jack of all trades but if you pick a niche and master it you’ll get a lot more attention and as a result a lot more work. You should try shooting everything under the sun to find what you are really passionate shooting. Read everything you can about it, study other work, go out and experiment, learn to be the best...

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